Poisonous or just grapes

Asked November 4, 2019, 3:29 PM EST

Hello, I am contacting you in the hopes you would be able to help me identify if the fruit growing in my yard are wine grapes or if they are a poisonous plant. I have added pictures, unfortunately I have no good pictures of the leaves, only what I caught when I took a picture of the thing growing on the vine (only one I could find on entire plant, it isn't there anymore, slowly died (picture #2) couldn't find anything online about it). I know the plants have tendrils, woody stems with brown insides, twisty trunk, peeling bark on the trunk, and 4 seeds in each fruit. The skins are thick, started out green, and turned to purple with ripening. The insides are a very dark red-purple with lots of juice. I tried a literal drop of the juice and it tasted really tart with only a touch of sweetness.

Rice County Minnesota

2 Responses

I am sorry but I am unable to positively identify the fruit. Next spring, please send us more pictures of the plant when the leaves are still attached. We need a closeup picture of the leaves. It is unwise to eat any fruit unless it can be identified. https://extension.umn.edu/fruit/growing-grapes-home-garden

I agree that further examination of the leaves next year would be helpful. The "thing" growing on the vine in picture number 2 is an insect-induced gall called the Grape Filbert Gall. It is caused by the gall midge Schizomyia coryloides. Somewhat of a rarely seen pest of grapes, strongly suggesting that the plant is indeed a species of grape.