No apples past 2 years

Asked November 4, 2019, 11:12 AM EST

I am a home owner and have 2 apple trees in yard. In the 3-4 yrs. previous to2018 my trees produced many bushes of apples. But 2018-2019 I didn’t get a handful of apples. I did trim trees in early spring or fall. Do have an ideal of what my problem is?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- here are some possible reasons why you had a dramatic yield decline:

  • you may have pruned off the second year shoots and fruit spurs where most flower/fruit production occurs for most cultivars.
  • biennial-bearing pattern- you may be growing cultivars that are prone to producing very light harvests after a season of heavy yield. This can be corrected by thinning fruits when they first appear so that there is "one apple's difference" between fruits (5-6 inches).
  • diseases and insect pests can reduce yields.
  • if your trees were standing in water-saturated soil at critical times last year (when 2019 fruit buds were developing).