Looking for a good privacy evergreen tree Zone 4 to be planted near a fence...

Asked November 4, 2019, 9:56 AM EST

Looking for a good privacy evergreen tree Zone 4 to be planted near a fence at our marina in Huron Ohio - low maintenance tree, full sun location. We will need to plant maybe 5-6 in a row - trying to block an eyesore Valley Ford truck out of our view. Thank you for any advise.

Lake County Ohio

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Hi there,

You may be surprised to learn that Huron is in Zone 6a and 6b -- not zone 4. And most evergreen you would choose would be hardy to zone 5. While you mentioned that you would need five or six shrubs in a row, you have not said exactly how long the screen would need to be, and how deep and high your hedge can be, how close to pavement, other fences and structures it would be, etc. As a result, these are going to be broad, general suggestions.

While the obvious choice is arborvitae, there are several other evergreens that would work well. The following fact sheet from Penn State provides a long list of suitable plants: https://extension.psu.edu/evergreen-shrubs-and-trees-for-pennsylvania. Another fact sheet from Penn State addresses screens and windbreaks specifically, but also includes deciduous tress and shrubs: https://extension.psu.edu/using-trees-and-shrubs-for-privacy-and-wind-screening. Each of these fact sheets also give good tips for planting and care.

I hope this information will give you some good ideas. Best of luck.