storing compost

Asked November 4, 2019, 8:11 AM EST

Folks - I have some beautiful home-made compost made from kitchen waste. It has a slightly moist feel, just like good dirt. What is the best way to store it over the winter? Should I leave it outside? I have some large heavy paper bags sold for raked-up leaves. The compost tends to dry out in them over the winter. Should I be concerned with this drying out? - Jim

Howard County Maryland

2 Responses

Hi- it's fine to store the compost outside in lidded trash cans, heavy-duty plastic bags or the paper yard bags you reference. Those paper bags will probably not remain intact throughout the winter unless they are stored out of the weather. It's ok if the compost dries down in storage. What you want to avoid is having it become saturated with water over the winter.

Jon - thanks for your very informative answer. I will store it in a paper yard bag in the garage.

- Jim