Creeping Charlie

Asked November 4, 2019, 6:57 AM EST

Help, creeping Charlie is taking over my 1 .2 acre lawn , I have pulled and pulled, we tried one chemical,that was not round up, it was supposed to be safer(I don’t like chemicals at all) it yellowed the leaves in some places, but it’s almost all I have for a lawn at this point, valley view told us to use this only twice a year, and seed and aerate, I feel I am losing the battle, I am not one that needs a perfect lawn, and love my bees and birds, so I really wish I could find a healthy way to remove this weed. Thankyou for listening!

Baltimore County Maryland

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This is a difficult perennial weed to control. It prefers damp, shady areas and can tolerate full sun. The least toxic control is handpulling and you may eventually decide to live with it.

There are some organic weed control products available, but they are limited in their effectiveness on mature and perennial weeds.

NC State Extension has a very good webpage on alternatives to glyphosate. Note that organic products may take more time, cost more, and are not necessarily safer than synthetic products -- but there are options available for you to consider.

Good cultural practices such as proper mowing height, soil aeration, overseeding, and maintaining proper soil fertility go a long way to help with weed reduction. See our website for tips on lawn weed prevention and management.

In addition, refer to our webpage on organic lawn care.

Also, you can consider reducing your lawn area.
See some lawn alternative options