Weed identification

Asked November 3, 2019, 11:22 PM EST

I just easily pulled many tall thin dry brown weeds out of the ground from my back yard but came away with sticky things all over my pants, top, socks and hair. Can you help me identify this weed, so I can learn more about how to stop it from spreading and avoid the mess on my clothes in the future? Attached are 2 pictures of my clothing,taken after being machine washed and dried and 1 closeup of the sticky things. I will have to remove all of the sticky things by hand unless there is a more expeditious method.

Marion County Oregon weeds seed identification

2 Responses

Identification of the weed requires an image of the plant. As far as removing the sticky bits from clothing you could try packing tape or a razor.

Hi, another expert forwarded this information to me. "this link has some weed seed photos this client may find useful. https://www2.palomar.edu/users/warmstrong/plmay98.htm If you want to add an additional comment to them. Also, remind them to cut weeds prior to flowering next year. It’s a way to resolve this in the future and it includes not spreading seeds around for next season as a benefit."