Little Brown Bugs

Asked November 3, 2019, 8:06 PM EST

Hello, I recently noticed these little brown bugs in my home. They are never in a group-I only see one at a time. They are slow moving, have wings but haven’t seen them fly (even when I pick them up), look like they might belong to the beetle family. I have pictures but they are so small it’s hard to get a good picture with them in focus. I also found a picture online that looks like them but did not identify the bugs. They are a solid brown with no other color markings. Thank you.

Oakland County Michigan

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These are beetles. From the current photo quality, I can't identify the species
Where in the home did you find the beetles?

There are 3 possibilities.
1) If you found these beetles in carpet and also see a fuzzy larvae, it may be carpet beetles. (

2) If you found these beetles near stored food, they could be drug store beetles (
3) It is also possible that it is beetle species that normally lives outside and made its way indoors due to the cooler weather.

If you have the specimen and want a positive identification, I advise calling the Oakland County extension office (248-858-0880) to see if you can bring in the insect for identification. I manage the diagnostic lab in Macomb County in Clinton Twp and could also identify it in person if you call ahead (586-469-5180).