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Asked October 31, 2019, 4:16 PM EDT

Hi There, I used to use a pest control service and they would come on a regular basis, stay for 5 minutes and charge $100. I have since cancelled and would like to handle the pest control myself. I would like to see if there was a calendar of some sort that would say when to apply and what to apply at different times throughout the year. Basic pest control, I don't have any specific concerns. I had rats/mice 2 years ago but sealed up some areas and didn't have any last year. Though I would like rodent protection especially in the Winter. I've gone to local shops and get conflicting answers at all places. Hoping the experts can provide direction. Much appreciated. Thanks,Scott

Clackamas County Oregon

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Seasonal ecology - and thus opportunities to prevent or manage nuisance issues - are species (or at least group) specific. I would say that for non-native invasive rodents such as the rats that you're doing the right things already. You have modified the habitat by removing opportunities for safe shelter and you have eliminated human-derived sources of food for them. Because they essentially are able to breed year-round in our climate, you need to monitor year-round for potential upticks in activity so you know if and where setting a snap trap would be a good idea - or to double-check that your rodent-proofing measures, such as crawl-space screens, are still rodent-proof.
What other specific types of pests are you needing information about? We can further direct you once we know.

Hi Dana, thank you for the response. I think I made my question hard to understand. I appreciate the info on the rats and will utilize that on that plan. I guess what I was looking for was outside of the rodents. A calendar of sorts that says in the spring you should apply X along your house, etc and then in Summer apply X. Not really targeted at anything specific just a good overall plan for around here. Not sure if that makes any sense. I appreciate your help.

ยท Extension approaches pest control by the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) process; prevention, sanitation and exclusion. Before we use pesticides we assess the situation - what is the problem, and what pests are causing it. Recommendations are made to prevent the problem, making the house and garden less attractive to the pest. The next step is sanitation, removing sources of food . Third step is exclusion, to exclude entrance of these animals by sealing up the house and structures. Only after these steps have been taken do we recommend the use of pesticides. Certainly, monitoring your garden, house and structures for pests that can cause damage is a very good idea. However, pesticides are only used if there are actual signs of the pests, the other steps in the IPM process have been followed and the problem remains unresolved. This article has more detailed information on the IPM process, What is Integrated Pest Management

Hi Anne, I missed this up until today. Thank you for the answer! Much appreciated.