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Asked October 31, 2019, 3:18 PM EDT

I live in Bethesda Maryland. I have been trying to grow a type of laurel in one area of my yard and they have died 3 times. Liriope and other plants, including some trees, are growing just feet away. Is there some way that I can have the soil tested? The house was built approximately 19 years ago. There is a creek that runs underneath the area but I have spent a great deal of money channeling the water away from the plants and into the street.

Montgomery County Maryland

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It sounds as if that spot may not be ideal for what you are trying to grow there. What type of laurel are you trying to grow? Is it a good draining soil there? Cherry Laruel will not tolerate wet soils at all.
During the times when we got very little rain, were they watered? How?
"Right plant, right place" is a mantra we use a lot for best success.

You certainly can have the soil tested, and we'd recommend it if you haven't in a while.
Here is our soil testing information, including a list of labs you can mail your samples to for analysis:

If you are still having a good deal of water standing or flowing on your property, a great environmentally sound method of treatment is to consider planting a rain garden, filled with native plants that like wetter areas. They thrive while allowing the water to percolate through the soil instead of running off as stormwater.
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