frozen planter soil

Asked October 30, 2019, 1:27 PM EDT

I have been tasked with decorating 2 large cement planters for Christmas. A few years ago, the soil in my moveable planters froze solid, and I had to move them inside for a week before I could get the evergreen branches poked into the soil. I can't move these planters. How do I keep the soil from freezing, and/or how do I thaw the soil out if it does freeze so I cfan decorate around Thanksgiving.


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I have a few suggestions but haven’t tried them myself. The containers could be insulated with styrofoam, heavy carpet or leaves. The soil could be thawed by burning charcoal on top of the soil. Would probably be messy. Pouring a kettle’s worth of boiling water on to the soil if you have a way to heat the water works for many. The easiest and safest solution would be to store the soil inside until you fill them with decorative materials.