Maple leaves streaked

Asked October 30, 2019, 11:32 AM EDT

My maple tree leaves were streaked and when I looked it up it was because it was getting too much water. ( it is an mature male). We live by a wetlands. I read I was to treat I the spring something that started with a Ch. I don’t remember what is was. Can you tell me.

Montcalm County Michigan

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I have some questions
Were all the leaves streaked or just some. If the latter was true, where on the tree were the affected leaves?
Were these brown streaks,or yellow ones? Was the entire leaf affected and did they drop off? Did they dry up before dropping?
Did you find a photo of these streaks online, if so can you send me the link?
How close to wetlands is this tree? Are the roots or some of them at least constantly wet?
Is the water table in the wetlands higher lately than in the past?
Do you know what kind of maple this one is?
Do you have a sprinkler system which waters the area around this tree or uphill from this tree?
What kind of soil do you have? sandy, clay, loam?
I look forward to hearing from you.