Regional Agricultural Sales info

Asked October 29, 2019, 7:43 PM EDT

I have been asked to update information showing agricultural sales for the Mt. Hood area - the statistic we have for this is from 2012, and is from OSU. Looking on the web, the only regional info I can find is from... 2012. If there is anything more recent, please let me know! Thanks very much, Lallie Houston, Maloy & Co, Inc.

Jefferson County Alabama

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Thank you for your question, Lallie. Since these statistics are accumulated from a variety of sources, giving us the website from 2012 would help track down current statistics. Thanks!

Hi, thank you! This was one of the sites I found on my own: But the
original citation just said the source was OSU. The full reference in the paper I'm to update is: "The economy of the area is heavily dependent on tourism, recreation, forestry, and agriculture, as well as healthcare and education when including into consideration the city of Hood River. The agricultural sector is dominated by fruit production and is a major producer of apple, peaches, cherries, and pears, and grossed $112,094,000 in agricultural sales in 2012 (source: Oregon State University), placing it 13th of 36 counties in Oregon." I don't really know that this will help! Thanks for trying.

It would appear that the report you found (1/19) is the latest made public.