New limb growth

Asked October 29, 2019, 11:26 AM EDT

We have a 100 plus year old Black Walnut tree that really needs to trimed. Will we get new limb growth? The lower limbs are starting to snap and break off! Help!

Sanders County Montana

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In general, yes, if properly pruned and maintained in a healthy condition, your black walnut should produce new limbs. The caveat to that is, how it is pruned and what you desire for new limb growth.

You mention that, "The lower limbs are starting to snap and break off!" For a 100-plus-year old tree, that may be a sign of other issues relative to tree health, age, or improper trimming that have caused weak structural branches to break due to wind and/or snow load. This would normally be unusual on lower limbs unless they have been weakened due to disease or rot issues.

Without photos or a site inspection, it is difficult to say what the best course of action would be. The best recommendation at this point would be to have a qualified, licensed arborist inspect your tree, diagnose any structural or health issues, and recommend steps from there.
Here are a few resources on black walnut in general but the best action may be to seek professional consultation.

I hope this information proves helpful.