stone fruit varities suutable to the Klamath Basin

Asked October 28, 2019, 3:49 PM EDT

I'm in the process of acquiring a 57,000sq' open lot west and adjacent to the city of Merrill on Flavey Rd. Oregon. I will have +-13,500sq' to plant suitable stone fruit for research and consumption. Also on the properties west and southern property boundaries I will be planting The Mighty Majestic Giant Sequioa RedWood

Klamath County Oregon

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Hi, thanks for your question re stone fruit. Stone fruits are always going to be risky in this climate, some years there will be freezes that preclude good pollination, or the flowers will bloom and it will be too cold for many active pollinators. One strategy regardless the variety chosen is to keep trees very small, so they can be frost protected more easily when it is necessary.
Perhaps opne of the best in-depth treatments of cold climate tree suggestions is University of MN "Growing Shrubs and Small Trees in Cold Climates" (Klamath Library carries it). for plums, they recommend 'Black Ice', 'Alderman', 'La Crescent', 'Mount Royal', 'Superior' and 'Toka'. An old standby that does well here in Klamath is Italian Prune.
OSU's Extension publications on fruit growing can be found here:
There's a wealth of valuable info, but not as much specific to the eastern side of Oregon- thus the recommendation to check out the book-
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The book also contains a few suggestions for apricots and cherry.