Baby pomegranite trees loosing it's leaves

Asked October 28, 2019, 3:25 PM EDT

Hi folks, I planted 2 pomegranate seeds & to my surprise they started growing into little trees. They were on my patio all summer & growing & thriving. I watered them every day as I read the soil needed to be moist. They are about 2" tall each. I had to bring them in as it is now cold. They are still in their little pot & I have a full spectrum light bulb about 6" away from them. Well, their leaves are turning brown & falling off. I don't water every day but I do feel the soil to make sure it is damp. What am I doing wrong? I don't want to loose them. There are now just 2 leaves on each one. Help me save my baby pomegranate trees please. Thank you so much, Janet Poole

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I don't know much about pomegranates but there are some things that could lead to leaf drop in this situation. One, just the change of environment from outdoor to indoor could cause leaf drop. Pomegranates are deciduous so they naturally lose their leaves as night length increases. You say you are keeping the soil moist, pomegranates like a well draining soil that dries out a bit between watering, so maybe you are keeping them too moist indoors. That is a very common problem with indoor plants.
I read about starting pomegranates from seed and found out they do not come back true from seed. So, if you are trying to get a specific fruit taste you probably will not, if you trees live. If you are just growing them as a novelty this point doesn't matter.
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