Too late to plant Checkerberry

Asked October 27, 2019, 3:54 PM EDT

I've got sandy, poor soil that I'd like to plant checkerberry (gaultheria procumbuns) but is it too late in the season? I know you don't plant in spring until you're sure the last frost has passed but how do you guess the end of the planting season is?

Calvert County Maryland

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Good Morning,

Fall is actually the ideal time of year to plant woody and herbaceous perennials. If the plant is dormant, you can really plant anytime during the fall or winter until the ground is frozen. Frost would only be an issue if you are planting a non-frost hardy annual in the spring (tomatoes, pentas, etc.) or taking an otherwise hardy perennial from the indoors that hasn't gone dormant for the season yet and putting it outdoors.

See the links below for info on Gaultheria procumbens.