Possible rose rosette disease

Asked October 27, 2019, 3:00 PM EDT

Hi, Last year I noticed what appeared to be possible rose rosette disease on one of my Zephrine Drouhin roses. It just looked like some strange red growth and I was not totally sure if it was normal or not. I pruned off the branch and the rose bloomed fine this spring and I saw no evidence of it. This fall I’m seeing similar strange red growth on one of them again and I’m pretty sure it’s the same plant. How would I go about confirming if that is what it is? I know I need to get rid of the bush if that’s the case. I have about 50 rose bushes so if it spreads it would be pretty devastating:(

Howard County Maryland rose shrub new growth

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This does not look like rose rosette. This looks like new growth on the rose.


Thanks. I was worried because the new growth on this rose looks very different from the new growth on my other roses.. the leaves look very small and the stalks are very thick. Have you seen rose rosette in Howard County?

Hi - The new foliage on roses can vary among different species. Yes, we have seen cases of rose rosette disease in Howard County. This does not look like it.