All my plants are sick

Asked October 27, 2019, 1:45 PM EDT

Every plant in my yard is sick. My baby apple trees have some sort of leaf rot. The rhody leaves turn yellow and drop off. The roses don't leaf out healthy and green but covered with powdery whatsit. And the Japanese Maple has a fungus, lots of holes in all the leaves. I sprayed Daconil on it but the product comes out of the sprayer in a hard stream, doesn't coat leaves, just flies between them and hits the fence. How shall I put them to bed for the winter? What can I do to try for a better spring?

Douglas County Oregon

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Looks like you are trying to grow some of these plants in pots, in a greenhouse or shelter of some kind, is that correct? That makes gardening a real challenge. Most plants never seem to grow as well in pots and inside a structure because getting the plant medium just right, the watering cycle and nutrients right, and dealing with the humidity to prevent disease is a real challenge.

With so many issues on a wide variety of plants I would encourage you to come by our OSU Extension office and meet with the Master Gardeners in their clinic. They are open in October Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1pm-4pm. This way you can get a more in depth conversation about your situation. If you cant come in give our office a call during those times to visit with them. Our office phone number is 541-672-4461.