Picking Fuyu Persimmons

Asked October 26, 2019, 9:01 PM EDT

Our tree is full of fruit- some still have a tiny tinge of green- but most are light orange . Tomorrow night we are expecting our first frost ( 30 degrees) shall I harvest them all or will the frost damage them?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Interestingly I am finding some variable information regarding your question about when to harvest your persimmons when frost is an issue. It looks like they typically become ripe in November, which is well into potential frost territory in our region. One of the links I put in below (from Purdue) states in the "cropping and yield" section that late varieties can be harvested after frost. The second link from UGA says that fruit can be harmed by frost. Everything I have found however has said that fruit can be picked prior to full color change and allowed to ripen in a dry place. To be safe you certainly could harvest them now and allow them to ripen indoors. As an experiment it might be worth leaving a few on the tree to see what happens so you know for next year! It also may be that they could handle a light frost, but not a freeze or it could be variety dependent.

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Thank you, Heather! Will try those suggestions. Just thrilled to grow such a delicious and disease/ insect resistant fruit!