Pruning Grapes In The Tropics

Asked October 26, 2019, 8:33 PM EDT

Hi, i've been doing some researching for a while on grape pruning in the tropics, but google's given me no answers...i was wondering if there's any "special" requirement/s one must do while pruning grape vines in the hot climate, where the winter frost doesn't arrive, whilst summer stays all year round. it's apparently zone 11 here in the philippines, so i am not so sure if the pruning routine is the same, or quite similar to ones performed in temperate regions, do i have to start eliminating vines once a year and on different month/s compared to pruning season in america/europe, or am i able to do this all year, as theres no actual seasons to stop me from doing so? thank you so much to whoever answers this addled question:) ANd please forgive me for my obvious lack of experience on this topic, as im only 13 years old, and i've somehow found a new interest to viticulture^^ i already have no more than 20 vines established, so i suppose i'll be needing the answer to my queries quite posthaste^^

Outside United States

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Congratulations! Super to take up the great hobby of gardening and viticulture... maybe it will become a career. Growing grapes in the tropics is very different from here in the north because they don't experience a dormant period; however, there are excellent resources from places like Australia, so you can also find some online. In the meantime here is a authority source on pruning grapes in the tropics... good luck!