Aliens or Beefsteaks?

Asked October 26, 2019, 6:54 PM EDT

OK, I didn't toss this tomato when little green nubs started popping up, or even when raised lines could have been some little worms inside. Can I plant this? FYI, I bought this from a grocery store. It was labeled Beefsteak Can I plant this? Will beefsteak plants grow? Or will I be growing aliens? What kind of TLC is required (e.g. growlight, dividing seedings?) It is nearly the end of October

Oakland County Michigan

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This is known as vivipary. A condition where the hormone controlling seed dormancy is somehow reduce and the seed germinates in the friendly environment of the tomato itself. The Big Beef variety may not come true from these sprouted seeds unless the pollination was controlled. You can grow them but they require some significant grow lights to get fruit during the winter. Seedlings can be grown under florescent lights if placed within a few inches of the seedling. You can tease out the seedlings and plant them or remove some of the fruit (without damaging the seedlings) and plant that. Check out the following links:
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