Any idea what kind of tree it is that makes this type of leaf W?hen there's...

Asked October 26, 2019, 3:54 PM EDT

Any idea what kind of tree it is that makes this type of leaf W?hen there's just the slightest Breeze I can hear the leaves on the tree in my neighbor's yard dancing around as if it's raining or an ocean like noise yet my maple tree leaves don't move when there's a slight breeze. Listening to these leaves is quite relaxing. My neighbors are never home so I can't ask them what kind of tree it is.

Franklin County Ohio

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Hi there,
It would have been helpful if you could have sent a picture of the entire tree and a fresh leaf, but based on your description, my first thought is that your neighbors have an aspen tree. We have friends who planted their own grove of aspens for the specific attributes you described. The only problem they have had with the trees are that the deer enjoy then, too -- to eat.

In researching your question, I also came across cottonwood trees which are also found locally. Cottonwoods put out quantities of fluffy seeds during the summer which I think you would have noticed. Here is a page with pictures of both aspen and cottonwood leaves. You can see what you think:
Brandeis University has a good descriptive page on aspens:
For purposes of comparison, I am also sending a link from Purdue about cottonwoods. You'll see that the bark is quite different, and as a member of the willow family, cottonwoods are usually growing near water sources: The leaves are similar, but you can decide which one your neighbor has.
Best of luck.