identify name of hydrangea by looking at it s leaf. very different size, marking, edges cut smooth

Asked October 26, 2019, 12:26 PM EDT

Is there a reference book that i can obtain to identify hte name of hydrangas? I have a few in my yard that i have had for serveral years. I do not know what is the name of the hydranga or MOST IMPORTANT WHEN / HOW TO PRUNE IT. TO CUT IT DOWN TO THE GROUND ....LET IT ALONE >>>?? NEW GROWTH IS FROM THE OLD STEM? OR NEW GROWTH IS FROM NEW ON NEW STEMS. I seems like from the leaves which are very different more so than the flowers....I should be able to id the hydrangas name and then be able to look up on interent when...late Fall early Spring,,, to the ground or do not prune at all..except to cut off old blooms. thanks you in advance......WHEN IN DOUBT WOULD YOU ADVISE TO JUST REMOVE THE OLD BLOOMS.....

Washtenaw County Michigan

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There are a few good resources books on hydrangeas that you may want to take a look at either at a book store or online. I cannot endorse books, products, or businesses. A quick search online brought up a number of books on hydrangeas. I do not know all of these books and that is why I review them at a book store before I buy them because I am like you I need something that can help me identify the different ones that are brought into the office. Our office was given Hydrangeas for American Gardens, and the Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas.