Asked October 25, 2019, 9:04 PM EDT

This is my 2nd year working on a butterfly Bee garden. I’m getting different advice, so I come to the experts. What do I keep over the Winter & what should I cut back? I have a Cinderella Milkweed plant, that bloomed great & I was told it’s great for the butterflies to attract to. There’s Lavender, cone flowers & a Lamb’s ear (that I bought for a $1 last year in a small pot) & it just exploded this year! The rest is wildflowers for bees & butterflies. Some say leave it alone for the birds for Winter. Advice please

Macomb County Michigan

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Congratulations on your pollinator garden. Pollinators and birds can use the plants during the winter when the birds eat the seed heads. In the spring, pollinators use stems of dead plants and they live among the dead leaves etc in the soil. So it’s preferable to leave the garden as it is and clean it up (if necessary) in late spring. I’m attaching a bulletin from MSU Extension on pollinators and you will see at the end of the article many bulletins which will help you learn how to garden for pollinators.

Good luck

Thank you for your GREAT response & all the information!