Soil PH

Asked October 25, 2019, 6:03 PM EDT

My garden soil test indicated a soil PH of 7.8, but there was no indication to adjust. I understood most plants prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil. Would it help to acidify slightly? At what PH would the test trigger to recommend adding elemental sulphur or something else to adjust the PH (i.e. am I close to where it would be recommended, or am I well within the recommended limits?)

Genesee County Michigan

1 Response

You received the correct instructions for whatever it is you indicated your were growing.
If, by chance, among your plants you have something which likes a littler lower ph (blueberries, azalea, rhododrenden, etc) you might want to apply some material to lower the ph. You can look up the ideal ph for a specific plant on the internet. You will see a ph range so you don't have to be spot on, just approximate.
There are various materials to lower ph in garden centers. Follow instructions on the bag.