holes bored in crabapple and white bark birch tree

Asked October 25, 2019, 2:15 PM EDT

I have small holes bored in the trunks of my white bark birch & crabapple trees, the crabapple has'nt bloomed or appeared as healthy this year as in the past. I was told it could be bug larvae, please advise how to treat and what time of year.

Crook County Oregon trees and shrubs

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Hello, I cannot tell you what to do as I need more information. Please take photos of the holes in the trees and include the tip of a writing pen, a ruler or something to give me an idea of hole size. Also, include any sawdust or shavings, dripping sap or any other unusual injury to the trees. If it is an insect pest doing the damage it is most likely different insects.
It would be best to come to the office in Deschutes county to discuss this matter with me so we can have a good conversation about the trees. My office is located on the Deschutes County fairgrounds in building #4, all the way to the left as you go through the parking lots.