Can you Identify this?

Asked October 25, 2019, 9:35 AM EDT

I took this picture at the end of September. I thought that perhaps it was elderberry (which I'd be happy with). Any chance someone can identify it and let me know if it's safe to eat?

Clinton County Michigan

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I have a native elderberry and the leaf pattern is different. Stems grow out from the main stem with leaves in groups of 5 or 7. There will be 2 oe 3 sets of opposite leaves with one leaf at the end. From what I can see in the photo, this plant appears to be different.
Also the berries tend to grow in clusters, like the flowers. I cannot definitely id this plant from that picture and especially not determine if it is edible or not.
I would suggest waiting until spring, when it is flowering and take a few more photos. One of the entire plant, and several of the leaves and flowers so that it is very clear how the leaves are arranged.
Then send those photos to Ask and Expert
I think the stem on the right side of the photo may be a cottonwood. Not sure though.