Landlord used mothballs for potential rat problem

Asked October 25, 2019, 9:17 AM EDT

I recently encountered a large rat in my home so I set a trap to remove it. I was successful in harvesting the rat and quickly dispatched it. I then contacted my post control agent and notified him of the situation and ongoing concerns that there might be more. He explained that it was beyond his expertise and contacted my landlord. My landlord sent a longtime associate to deal with the problem and I came home to a house inundate with afoul smelling odor of mothballs. I discovered that this older gentleman and his associate had placed hundreds of of mothballs in all areas of the house. I found mothballs in every closet, behind all appliances, couches, dressers, near the fire place, walk ins, not to mention additional mothballs by the hundreds in and or around the shrubbery, flowers and countless mothballs under the house and attic. My wife and I have yet to have reprieve from headaches I'm sure are associated with these pesticides. What should I do?

Madison County Alabama

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This is a medical issue and you should see a physician as soon as possible.