Green Tomato Salsa

Asked October 23, 2019, 3:37 PM EDT

Is it safe to can green tomato salsa? I have approximately 4 quarts of salsa and am planning to add 1/2 cup lime juice. My recipe calls for the salsa to be cooked (with the lime juice) and then processed in a boiler water canner for 20 minutes. Is this safe? Thanks.

Benton County Oregon

1 Response

Salsa, a mixture of tomatoes (green or red) or tomatillos and onions, peppers, etc. must be adequately acidified to be safely canned. We recommend that you start with a recipe that has been tested to be certain that the acid level is high enough so that dangerous pathogens, including botulism, cannot grow once it is sealed in the jar. We don’t have the ability to analyze a recipe or a product that has already been made to determine if there is enough lemon or lime juice for the amount of other vegetables that are there. I would suggest freezing the product you have made, which is safe regardless of the amount of acid added. Check this publication for guidelines and a good recipe for green salsa that can be canned. To make salsa unique, you can add or subtract any spices, but the ratio of vegetables to acid should remain the same as a tested recipe indicates.