Uplimbing and trimming concern. I want to cry!

Asked October 23, 2019, 1:12 PM EDT

We just had some work done in our backyard by a Master Gardener and her team (my husband found this company on greenpal to mow our lawn a few times and ended up hiring to help with landscape). She recommended trimming and uplimbing our magnolia and cedar trees all the way across (what I understood from this was that she would literally just be trimming the branches that were dragging on the ground.) In addition she recommended trimming our hedges and crepe myrtles. Long story short-they uplimbed our cedar trees so high that it no longer acts as a form of privacy from our back neighbors. It goes higher than our fence and looks SO OFF. Not only that but they trimmed down all our hydrangeas down to the very bottom. There was no mention of her cutting them all the way back, she just said “trim hedges” which I assumed meant prune them? She later mentioned doing that so that they would grow back in better “in a few years”. They hadn’t been pruned much in the last year but they were still in great condition and growing HUGE hydrangeas this past summer. When we first discussed everything she mentioned adding the hedges by the fence where the magnolia and cedar trees were. My question is- was all of this work really necessary?? I really don’t know much about landscaping so I could really be freaking out for no reason. My husband and I are first time home buyers (our second year here) and the previous owner really did do an amazing job with the landscape. Unfortunately, the landscaping company they used has been completely unreliable and doesnt return messages/ never even sent proposal after doing a walk through.. so that’s why my husband ended up finding someone else. Im not sure what to do now, if I should have someone else come and look at everything. I didn’t even think Fall was the right time to prune and after doing some research, I’m seeing that evergreens shouldn’t be uplimbed and will NOT grow back. I seriously can’t look at my backyard without wanting to cry! My husband spoke with one of the gardeners partners yesterday about the lack of privacy concern (uplimbed trees) and he said that nothing they did is permanent and will grow back. Is this true? Please someone tell me that this can be fixed and that my backyard isn’t completely ruined. 2k later & hopefully freaking out for no reason, P Ps. Including before and after (Fountain was removed bc it was broken)

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I think there’s probably some blame on both sides. Uplimbing could mean taking off a few branches or more than a few. Better communication would’ve ensured a better outcome. Pruning and trimming are used interchangeably. I understand you are not happy but what’s done is done. None of the plants will die from the work that was done. If you want the privacy back, concentrate now on planting some shrubs in front of the trees that were limbed up. That way in a few years, you’ll have that privacy back. Fall is a great time to plant! Hope this helps.