Carpet Beetle

Asked October 23, 2019, 11:57 AM EDT

I am located in North Augusta SC. I have had pest people come out and say no we don't have them . I find one that fell from my head last spring. Since then I have had symptoms of canthariasis in nose sire all over body and instool . The stool started thelis summer. No infectious disease Dr will see me. I am getting sicker and sicker. The scabs on me we're identified by entamoligist pest serclrvice as being varied caroed beetle. He saw them in a bag I collected by accident. I have lost a lot of my glhair as something hairy is knitted in it it looks and hairs move. I feel stinging and my stool is showing a lot of stange things. No docters believe me except my psycologist. I been to dermatology who said I had Morgellons disease.I even tried the med and of course it didn't work. The sores are getting worse and now my sons are showing signs. Where or who can help me.

Aiken County South Carolina

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We are not able to provide medical information here. I suggest that you get a second opinion from another physician. If he finds something, he can send to an entomologist for an identification.