Garlic growing

Asked October 22, 2019, 8:34 PM EDT

I have 4x8x2 ft raised beds . They are fenced in to avoid deer etc . I just planted garlic in 2 of the beds . I'm looking for info that pertains to the correct watering for garlic and also onions . Due to the weather changes , rain , then no rain , I would like some advice . I know that uneven watering is wrong .

Josephine County Oregon

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Garlic is actually treated much like fall-planted bulbs are:it requires well-drained, nutrient enriched soil (good compost will suffice) and fairly moist, but not soggy growing conditions. A normal winter in the Rogue Valley will provide enough rain that supplemental irrigation is probably not needed. What's going on under the ground throughout winter is root growth as opposed to leaf and stem growth. You can lightly mulch your young sprouts now to help keep the moisture in the ground. In early spring, as the weather warms, the leaves and stems will elongate, You can remove the mulch at this time if you wish, or keep it pushed to the center of the bare ground between rows of plants.Fertilizing in spring consists of moderate, balanced applications of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You do not say whether or not you have planted onions. We really hope not, as onions are more successfully planted in early spring. At that time, transplants do best for storage-type large onions , "hamburger type" reds, and sweet onions like Walla-Wallas. We are in a "long-day" onion zone, so choose varieties with that in mind. Onion sets are great for green onions (scallions) but should be planted in early spring. Right now, there are seedlings of certain onions in nurseries. If you are unfamiliar with onion culture, it is perhaps best to avoid these until you have more experience. The seedlings need to be nurtured through the winter, kept from freezing, and in general, not do not possess the growth potential of larger transplants planted in spring. You can obtain more information about onions and garlic from extension.oregonstate,edu/publications. Search for "Onions and Garlic" for free downloads. Thanks for using Ask an Expert.