Product names and ingredients of pyrethroid sprays used for West Nile in Fort Collins

Asked October 22, 2019, 5:14 PM EDT

What are the brand name(s) and all ingredients of pyrthroid-based sprays used to control West Nile-carrying mosquitoes in Fort Collins and Larimer County, and do these sprays contain PBO (piperonyl butoxide)? Has the product formulation used changed over time, and if so what other product formulations and brand names have been used? Did spraying start in 2003, the worst year of West Nile in this area? Have studies been done on the evolution of mosquito resistance to these particular sprays, and if so please give citations. How effective is washing of fruits and vegetables potentially sprayed in removing these chemicals?


Larimer County Colorado

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I don't have access to the information required to answer the first three questions. You would need to contact the appropriate agencies in the Fort Collins and Larimer County governments.

You would need the answers to the first three questions in order to try to answer the last two questions. I can try to find studies relevant to these questions if you are able to provide the product info from the first three questions from another source.