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Asked October 22, 2019, 1:27 PM EDT

Good Afternoon, I have a client that has goats and is looking for a business that would buy her goats milk for distribution. She is located in Gladwin County, MI. I have searched the internet with not very much luck. Do you have a list of distributors or any idea of a distributor. I appreciate your time!

Gladwin County Michigan

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Good Morning

I will need a little more information before I can answer your question. Is this person a grade A dairy that is looking to sell milk to a processor, or are they a processor that is looking for a distributor of product?

Hello Mike,

This is the same lady that Kable Thurlow spoke to you about. Her name is Becky McDonald. Kable told me that you had emailed her. I'm really not sure what to tell her. I am sure you gave her good information. I have some other calls out. I think at the moment she is just a small time farmer, trying to grow the farm into something bigger.
Thank you for your help!

I believe that she wants a processor, that will then distribute.

If she is a licensed dairy that is looking to sell milk there is a broker in the state, Superior Quality Goat Dairies. I do not know if they are currently looking for new producers or not. Most of the goat dairies in Michigan market with them. In the past it has been hard to make money on the amount they paid for milk at the farm level after trucking. I am not sure what they are currently paying. There are a few licensed dairies that either have their own creameries or sell direct to a small creamery. At this time I am not aware of any of those that are looking for more milk.

Thank you!