My pink toes tarantula is sick

Asked October 22, 2019, 11:37 AM EDT

Hello, I have a pink toed tarantula that I’ve had for two years. When I first got her, she was really good. She made a nice big web on the side of the tank, ate plenty, and molted two or three times. But for the past 6 or 7 months, she started acting different. My biggest concern is that she hasn’t molted in a very long time and she stopped making any webs. She is not able to climb the glass anymore like she used to, but I watch her try to climb it all day and all night. We put her in a very large terrarium when we first got her where she seemed happy. But then it got infested by these black beetles, and we thankfully were able to get rid of them. It was around that time she started acting sick. We thought that we should put her into a smaller and taller terrarium and she could feel comfortable again. But she still hasn’t molted, and she looks very sick. I found her in the death curl last night, which was very concerning so I gave her plenty of water just in case she was dehydrated. She seems much better today, but I always make sure she gets plenty of water. I make sure to keep the substrate damp, and to keep her water dish full. I spray her cage with distilled water every day, or when it seems dry. I’m very worried about my tarantula Rosie, and I don’t want her to be suffering. I feel like I’ve done everything I can, but she still looks sick and I’ll.


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Thank you for the pictures and description of what you have done. I have reached out to my colleague for an answer and will get back to you again as soon as I hear back.

Hello: I received some information from my colleague:

This tarantula is a tropical, arboreal species. They like a terrarium with a lot of sticks, bark, etc. to climb up on, rather than primarily being on the ground. In nature, they make silken shelters up in trees. You don't mention climbing structures inside its home, so we suggest adding these features.

Also, since they are tropical, they like humidity. Since UT is arid, you may need to alter the tank to increase humidity if you haven't already. Since consuming water seemed to have helped it, perhaps it is the low humidity that is negatively affecting the spider.

Keep in mind the age of the spider. Females may live for 10 years, and males much less.

Make sure the tarantula tank is properly ventilated.

And finally, we are hoping that the removal of the black beetles did not involve insecticides, which would weaken the spider.

You may have seen this website for tarantula care already, but if not, it is useful. It also provides food sources:

Thank you so much, this really does help. I’ll put in some more sticks and leaves for her to climb on. I’ll keep it more humid, and hopefully she starts feeling better and starts spinning a web to prepare to molt. Thank you again :)