Name and variety of shrub

Asked October 22, 2019, 10:58 AM EDT

These are growing in my son's front yard.(pics) I thought they were a variety of honeysuckle but after much searching I can not match them to anything I find online. Can you help ? What cultivar? What specific variety ?

Kent County Delaware

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Unfortunately, the picture is not useful for me to identify the the shrub. I would need a picture that has a better image of the flower(s), leaf (leaves), branch/twig to be able to identify the plant. Next year if you are able to bring in a small section of the plant or close-up pictures that would help with us being able to identify the plant for you. If you take a small sample of the plant you can bring it into the nearest cooperative extension office and some one can take a look at it for you.Your closest office looks like it would be at the Paradee Center in Dover, unless you are in a part of Kent County that is closer to UD's campus (New Castle County extension office). The plant does not look immediately recognizable to me.

Sorry that the other pics did not transfer over .
I am attaching them to this response.
Karen Kropidlowski

Hi. I sent the photos you sent to Dr. Cynthia Hong-Wa at the Claude E Phillips Herbarium at Delaware State University -
It is Abelia x grandiflora ( It’s a hybrid within the same family as honeysuckle.

It is a commonly cultivated plant and there are also several cultivars.

I hope this is helpful,