late planting

Asked October 22, 2019, 7:01 AM EDT

Help! $3.00 Knock Out roses at Wal-mart (couldn't resist) and I also have hibiscus and a couple shrubs that I still need to plant. Would it be best to bury them in their pots, mulch and/or cover or should I just plant normally - top of dirt in pot, even with the ground? They have good root systems and are in half gal. and gallon pots. I could put them in my basement. It's cool, but there's not much light. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you have. sherry

Linn County Iowa

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My recommendation is to go ahead and plant them. It's likely the ground won't freeze until late November/early December. That gives the plants a few weeks to get established at their new sites before winter. Measures can be taken to help the plants survive the winter. Cover the bottom 4 to 6 inches of the rose canes with soil in mid to late November. Cover the hibiscus (I'm assuming its a herbaceous or hardy hibiscus) with several inches of straw in late November. The shrubs shouldn't need any winter protection.