Ornamental grasses

Asked October 21, 2019, 6:22 PM EDT

I am looking for the tallest growing ornamental grass for our climate (I'm close to you in Windsor). I want to plant it in raised beds to make it tall enough for a privacy screen over the top of my 6' fence. So i need something relatively thick if possible. What grasses do you think might be good for this, and do you know where I can purchase any? Thanks so much for your time and assistance!

Weld County Colorado

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Here is information on ornamental grasses and also Native grasses. It should give you plenty of options. The major nurseries in our area should be able to help you. It is late this year and their supplies will be low. You may elect to wait til Spring. Help gardening. Peggy

Do you happen to know of any seed suppliers that have a decent ornamental grass selection? I'm having a hard time finding much... Thanks!