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Asked October 21, 2019, 10:56 AM EDT

We are looking into planting about 6 grapes vines in a back yard orchard. The area is surrounded with oak, red pines, cherry, black locus--basically an open place in a typical Michigan forest. We are inland about 20 miles from Lake Michigan. Our soil has a ph 6.5-7 and it is very sandy, although when it was analyzed in came back as loamy. Our soil sample came back as high phosphorus and low potassium and we are supplementing with potassium. We are trying to avoid the use of pesticides. We are looking for a variety of table grape that might do well for us. We do have an irrigation system. If you could recommend a variety or two of grapes that might do well in such an environment that would be fabulous.

Mason County Michigan

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If you do not want to spray pesticides you need to be careful selecting your varieties. There are 4 major grape diseases that really affect vine heath and fruit quality.
We have a pretty extensive grape site

Looking at the old table grape bulletin which is out of print I would suggest Mars and Canadice.
I would also look at this bulletin on growing table grapes in Michigan
This bulletin has all the cultural tricks you will need to use to get grapes you are proud of.

I suggest you look at some of the videos retired MSU professor Tom Zabadal has on YouTube.