Groundcover to Replace Grass Between Street & Sidewalk

Asked October 21, 2019, 9:43 AM EDT

I'm looking for a ground cover to replace the grass between the sidewalk and the street at my home in Bowling Green. It's a townhouse on a corner lot. The side gets full sun most of the day and the front gets a lot of shade. The side is about 110' by 6' with three red maples & the front is about 40' by 6' with one oak that has long narrow leaves. The front slopes toward the street with about a 2' drop from the sidewalk to the street. I can't grow tall fescue without a lot of irrigation. The mowing company hired by the HOA blames the trees on robbing the grass of all the water. I'm looking for a ground cover that would look nice year round, not need irrigation and would require very little maintenance. Maybe occasional mowing. It would need to be able to withstand a very small amount of foot traffic. I've seen in other areas of the country where a native grass would meet most of this criteria. Is there anything that would meet those criteria for our part of the country in Bowling Green, Kentucky?

Warren County Kentucky

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Here is a publication about Ground covers that are good for KY. It breaks them into categories that fit your needs and then you can narrow it down to your personal preference.