Asked October 20, 2019, 4:25 PM EDT

Not bear... plenty of bear scat in my yard... large cougar is suppose to be in neighborhood or perhaps coyote or wolf, both also in neighborhood... large pile

Baker County Oregon

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The quarter for scale is helpful. I'm not definitive yet on the ID- The vegetation in the scats and the numerous/piling first suggested nutria, but the shape and size suggest a coyote. It looks as though you have some nice loose soil near the deposit - Any clue there? The multiple depositions suggest a marking pile - Unhelpfully for our purpose here, both coyote and nutria are known to do so.

The loose dirt is because I’m doing some landscaping... not from unknown beastie. Numerous piles of bear scat with a lot of plum seeds nearby. I’ve seen coyote many times but never this big a pile. Major ditch behind my house but there is a big fish screen at the creek. Creek is 2-300 yards away. A lot of things happen outside my house this time of year because of plums and apples on the ground. Basically I was wondering if it was wolf or cougar.... they roam this neck of the woods too.

I mentioned the loose dirt because you should be able to get some good clear footprints of the animal that deposited the scat. Neither wolves nor cougars would have ingested all that grass & plant material.