How to care for succulent in a pumpkin

Asked October 20, 2019, 10:35 AM EDT

I received succulent in a pumpkin as a gift and it come with no information. The moss is hot glued onto the pumpkin. I’m sure the pumpkin will eventually start to rot as it’s a pumpkin that’s been harvested and weighs about 20 pounds.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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When the pumpkin begins to deteriorate I would transfer the mass of plants to another container. I would also place it on a plate or something to protect the table. Water it when it is dry but don't over water and give it as much light as possible.

Thanks. I just discovered your response now (it didn't go to my "in box"). It's been holding up well so far. I do have it on a plate since I'm worried about the pumpkin rotting. I have been misting it once a week and have been careful not to let any water pool on the succulents. Thanks for your help. :)

You should try to keep the pumpkin in the sun so the succulents are able to grow.

Some pumpkins have hollowed-out areas filled with well-draining soil. The hallowed pumpkins often decay quickly. When you remove the rotting pumpkin from the table, transplant the succulents into a mix of one part potting soil and one part coarse sand. Water sparingly. Throw the rotting pumpkin into the compost.

Other pumpkins have the succulents glued to the moss with no wounds in the pumpkin itself. Keep the moss slightly moist. The pumpkin decoration should last for weeks. When you are ready to toss the pumpkin, simply remove the succulents and plant them in a container. Kept them in a sunny location. You can propagate the succulents in your pumpkin by stem cuttings. The succulents will form new plants from leaves which have been broken off. Allow the cutting wound to air dry. Stick the cutting into slightly moistened, sterile sand. Water sparingly since moisture retention is not a problem. When the roots have formed, transplant into a mix of one part potting soil and one part coarse sand. The pot and growing medium should be sterile. You could also use the succulents to make a handmade succulent wreath.