Ponderosa trees

Asked October 19, 2019, 3:21 PM EDT

We have a number of Ponderosas on our property in Evergreen, CO. We are at almost 8,000 feet elevation. Many of the Ponderosas have yellowing needles. From reading on your site, it sounds like if these needles are more interior the trees are likely still healthy. That is the case for many of the trees, but some of them are showing yellow needles at the tips of the branches. Can you advise me what we should do, if anything? Thanks G Wilson

Jefferson County Colorado

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Yellowing at the very tips of branches sounds a little unusual, I've included a few links which can help to determine what might be going on.

Here are three references for yellowing needles on pine:

I might recommend fall and winter water, but this would depend a lot on location/ number of trees, etc.

Winter Water references:
If you are still concerned after reading through those links, feel free to upload a few photos and I'll do my best to assess.