Black pepper mites

Asked October 19, 2019, 12:49 PM EDT

Do black pepper mites live in lint?, and what do they look like? Because my girlfriend and grandson been getting bit up and are itchy all the time, is there any home rememdie to help kill and help with the itching? Were in desperate need of a cure and some answers.

Pennington County South Dakota

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Black pepper mites usually lead their lives in bird’s nests. They feed on bird’s blood and although they can bite humans they will not survive on them or their blood. They could be transiently in lint but will not survive in it. Best remedy is pyrethrins or pyrethroids (spray) which you can find at any garden center or farm store. It is safe for humans, just don’t heavily spray on kitchen utensils or food. Try to find the source since they don’t travel too much. Is there a birds nest on a sill somewhere? Did someone bring a nest inside?