Rabbits digging small holes in the yard

Asked October 18, 2019, 5:45 PM EDT

It appears rabbits are digging small holes (2"deep x 3"wide) all over our yard. We have a lawn service and I think they have not sprayed for something the rabbits like, however I do not know what it is. Grubs? roots??
Any ideas?

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Let's figure out what is causing the holes so we can recommend the best treatment.

Are they digging holes in the turf grass only? Or in gardens and other places?
Have you seen rabbits or other critters in your lawn?
Have you noticed any brown areas of turf grass late in the summer?
Do the holes lead to a tunnel? Or has the animal just been digging?
Can you send pictures? If it is easier, you can email them to lisa.mason@colostate.edu

Pictures will better help identify the issue. If an animal is digging, there could be something such as grubs in the turf grass. If so, it is likely not rabbits doing the digging. Rabbits tend to eat the grass, but they don't dig the holes.

Grubs will be migrating deeper in the soil this time of year with the cold temperatures we have been having. You can try doing a "tug" test. Tug on brown areas of turf, or near the holes. If the turf peels up easily, you likely have grub damage. If the turf is stuck in the ground, there may not be grubs.

Look for signs of rabbit damage, too. Rabbits will feed in the same areas usually, and will cause the grass the look bare in areas. You will see rabbit scat in the same areas.

After I find out a little more info and look at your pictures, I can make a recommendation.