Gardening in a greenhouse on the coast

Asked October 18, 2019, 7:46 AM EDT

What greenhouse can withstand the wind on the coast. Will a greenhouse allow me to grow tomatoes.

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Thanks for your questions, "what greenhouse will withstand the wind on the coast?" and "will a greenhouse allow me to grow tomatoes?"

I will begin by telling you my personal experience with greenhouses. I live 3 miles off the coast in south Lincoln county and have grown a wide variety of vegetables in greenhouses on my property for 28 years! Initially I built a PVC hoop and plastic green house which stood for several years but did require replacing the plastic as it eventually became brittle. About 22 years ago I obtained a glass/aluminum green house 30' X 15" which my husband erected. It stands on a 3 foot concrete stem wall. Brand name is 'Lord and Burnam.' Unheated, it has several pulley operated roof vents and numerous grated floor vents, a sand/ gravel floor, iron/wire tables and 4 greenhouse fans. Air circulation is extremely important! It has withstood winds of ><85 miles/hour! I grow tomatoes, peppers, basil and hundreds of seedlings annually (many have been grown for the master gardener annual plant sale). All of the vegetables which are later transplanted outdoors begin in the greenhouse.

There are several green house builders in Lincoln county and more in Corvallis. I cannot recommend one in particular but I have seen several built by a contractor in Toledo. If you check with some of the local nurseries they may also have some suggestions. I am including a link for an OSU publication on building and planning your own greenhouse as well as links to several greenhouse suppliers which you may be interested in checking out.

If you intend to garden on the Oregon coast, in my opinion, a greenhouse is indispensable not to mention alot of fun!
Best of luck with your project!