Eliminating unwanted baby trees and wineberry with herbicide....?

Asked October 18, 2019, 12:06 AM EDT

I let several areas and beds in my yard "go" with no mowing or care. In the spring and last fall I simply cut down young trees close to the ground. They have grown back !! Some are quite large. Would it be wise to cut them again and immediately apply a herbicide to the fresh cut? Would this herbicide harm the soil and make the area not fit to plant new material? Or would there be an alternative method to get rid of these trees? The wineberry has also gotten very overgrown. I previously would dig out as much of the roots as possible, but now they are massively many and tangled. What do you suggest for them??? Thanks so very much for your advice !!

Baltimore Maryland

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You can safely apply a systemic herbicide (ingredient either glyphosate or triclopyr) to the fresh cut. It will be a very small amount. Systemics are absorbed into the system of the plant and translocate to roots. This happens most efficiently in early fall. The plant cannot be dormant for it to work.

Alternately, you can cut them down and spray the new regrowth leaves. That allows more of the herbicide to be absorbed.

And, of course, you can dig them up. That may be the easiest solution, actually, for the smallest tree saplings.

When you want to kill a woody plant by cutting it down, make the cut site "ugly". Scrape the bark off as much as you can. A neat cut, which we tend to do, actually helps the plant heal itself faster and stay healthier!

As for the wineberry:
Here is our wineberry page: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/wineberry