Asked October 17, 2019, 4:21 PM EDT

One jar of tuna canned in 2018 has a small (1/2”) smudge on the top of the tuna. Can you help me determine whether or not it’s safe?

Polk County Oregon

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If you processed your tuna for 100 minutes at 10 or ll# pressure and properly vented and cooled your canner your tuna is safe to eat as long as the jar was still sealed. The gray spot is probably juice that bubbled to the surface during processing and had a little blood in it. Your fish looks really dry so probably siphoned during processing and the surface dried out.

If it has an off odor or did not have a tight seal or if you did not process properly then I would not consume.

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Nellie Oehler

Thank you for looking into this. The jar didn’t siphon - I had just poured out the (lovely) juices - and the jar was very snugly sealed. I always clean the jar rims with lemon juice, and check them as they come out of the canner. I really appreciate your thoughtful answer - k

I think you are ok. I have seen gray blotches like that on my turn as well. The meat inside looks perfect.


Nellie Oehler