Laurel berries

Asked October 17, 2019, 2:47 PM EDT

Two questions . First, let me explain my mistake . I have two berry trees (bushes) that popped up in my yard. I saw my chickens hopping up and down , up and down trying to reach these yellow berries. I decided to try one, or two. Handful . Sweet as can be. My mother said they are laurel bushes. The next two days, I was having some serious problems breathing . Researching the tree (bush) , it seems I've eaten some poisonous berries. Cyanide is the toxin which explains why I couldn't breathe . I'm not sure tho if this is laurel . It also favors YAUPON holly .
My questions. Are laurel berries harmful to chickens ? And looking at the pics I've included, is this laurel or some other known bush ? The berries are sweet , very tasty . Now that 2 days have gone by since my tasting, do I need to be seen by a doctor ?
Thank you for your time.

Galveston County Texas

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Yes Laurel seeds contain toxins, in particular cyanogenic glycosides and amygdalin. They not be consumed. If you are having any discomfort, you should seek medical advice immediately.

Are these laurel berries ? I didn't get an answer if these are or not .

Are these laurel berries ? I didn't get an answer if these are or not .

Thank you for your further question. Since the assigned expert isunavailable, I suggest you contact your Extension office directly: Good luck!