How to construct a concrete tree root barrier.

Asked October 17, 2019, 10:09 AM EDT

I want to put a concrete tree root barrier down along my fence line. I am trying to keep out oak, maple, Chinese elm roots especially. I have solid sand about 1 - 2' under to top soil.
I need to know how thick the concrete must be.
I also need to know how far below the ground level I must place the barrier.
Thank you for any insight you may be able to give me!
David Hagen Wolverine Lake Village, MI

Oakland County Michigan

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I do not have information on "concrete" root barriers. There are studies done on this from the University of Florida looking more at plastic barriers and a barriers embedded with a herbicide that kills young roots before they can grow through the barrier. One of our MSU Specialists Bert Cregg, wrote on this and his article can be read at: Roots are usually in the top two feet of soil but studies done on root barriers found roots may be forced to grow deeper to get passed the barrier. There just is not enough information on this to determine the best depth of a root barrier.